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Giza Pyramids & Sakkara

Photoshoot Sakkara

Saqqara where you will find the oldest monumental structure entirely made of stone, The Step Pyramid of King Zoser, King of the 3rd Dynasty. Within the pyramid, we will discover its complex and see how the pyramid was built.
Then we will move to see King Titi’s Pyramid, where we will have an experience of entering it from inside to see the burial chamber and watch the amazing Hieroglyphics written over its walls. In addition, we will explore some of The Nobles' tombs who were living during King Titi time.
On our way, we can get time in case you are interested in seeing the handmade carpets schools, which are so popular in Saqqara.

Photoshoot Pyramids

Giza Pyramids:
Driving to Giza Plateau where we will step back in time about 4,600 years.
Start with seeking the most-famous historical site, The Great Pyramid of Cheops — oldest and the only wonder of The Seven Wonders of The Ancient World that is still standing today. You will get the chance to climb some few stones of it and take some memorial photos.
Then driving through the pyramids to an amazing spot called The Panoramic View where you can take the best photos from there. After that, we will see the queens’ pyramids and The Valley Temple where we will have a closer look at the Great Sphinx, The largest and most famous.
Then we will stop at the Papyrus Museum, where we will learn about the oldest and the strongest paper in history. Besides revealing the process of making it, the guide there will explain for us the most important stories, which we had discovered on them and you will get a chance in case you like to buy something.

Photoshoot Sphinx

The Itinerary Includes:

●     All the Tours are private with a professional Official Licensed Egyptology English-speaking Tour Guide.

●     The Tours are Private just for you.

●     The transfers by A/C comfortable deluxe Car or Van.

●     All the parking fees & the road tolls.

●     The Main entrance fees Tickets of the Sightseeing areas.

●     All the needed permissions.

The Itinerary Excludes:

●     The Optional tours & Tickets.

●     The tipping (Guides, Drivers, Cruise stuff)

Giza & Sakkara: Vacations

Prices are Per person

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